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LSAT and Law School Admissions Services

Getting into law school isn't just about getting a good LSAT score. For many students, the law school admissions process is opaque and confusing. It doesn't need to be that way anymore.

Our mission is to help prospective law students attend law school for free. Not for less. For free. Higher education debt is no joke, and we want to enable our students to go to great law schools and pay little to nothing in tuition. 

Our Services

What we offer: 

LSAT Classes

Going to a great law school starts with a great LSAT score. Our LSAT prep classes are a great way to begin your LSAT prep process without breaking the bank. We are committed to keeping our classes affordable, and student-teacher ratios low.  

Private LSAT 

We can supercharge any student's LSAT prep journey with our one-on-one tutoring plans. Work with a coach who achieved a 99th percentile LSAT score and achieve your score potential!

Admissions Consulting

Personal statements, resumes, addenda, and more. You need help with it? We've got your back. Our admissions consulting clients have ALL received full-ride scholarship offers to T-100 law schools.

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