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$330 Live Online LSAT Course

We are offering an LSAT course based on the same curriculum that we have used up until now to help our one-on-one coaching clients achieve an incredible 22-point average improvement in their LSAT scores. No prior LSAT knowledge is necessary to take this course.



The JurisPrep LSAT course is the most affordable live online course that exists at this time, offering payment options to fit any budget. There are two options for payment:

  • $32 per class — pay as you go with the flexibility to pick individual classes

  • $330 for the complete 12-week course — upfront payment with savings (recommended)

Course Overview:

  • Learn from a Harvard Law Student and LSAT Expert

  • Master the fundamentals through a 12-week structured LSAT course

  • Acquire essential techniques for each exam section

  • Benefit from personalized feedback to target weaknesses

  • Engage in interactive sessions with like-minded students

To ensure an optimal learning experience, each class will be limited to 30 students, and priority seats will be given to students who enroll for the full semester. Click HERE to register now. Classes enrolling now will run from the week of September 18th to the week of December 4th (the week of the December LSAT). 

Micah McCreary

Head Instructor and Founder

Harvard Law School, Class of 2025

LSAT Course Registration
Currently enrolling for classes beginning the week of October 15th (perfect for prepping for the January LSAT) 
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